An History of excellence

2004 Chef Corrado Fasolato arrives at the Met Restaurant. His experimental Cuisine is new, but attentive to tradition and is known as Fusion. It became a great hit in Venice, winning favor with both food critics and the general public.

2005 For the first time in its history, the Met Restaurant is awarded with a Michelin Star.

2008 The location is enhanced by a major restyling, transforming the Met into a place of rare elegance. Murano glass chandeliers, 17th century paintings and the fireplace to warm the atmosphere.

2009 In recognition of its constant innovation and drive to push back to frontiers, the Met Restaurant is awarded Tre Forchette of the Gambero Rosso and with the second Michelin Star.

2012 Chef Luca Veritti starts his career at the Met Restaurant, proposing a new culinary concept in line with a path of excellence. He calls it “Tracontemporary cuisine”.

2013 After just 18 months since the launch of the new gastronomic concept, the Met is again awarded with a Michelin star.

2017 The Met Restaurant gives a twist to its concept and location, expressing the encounter between food and fashion thanks to the unconventional touch signed by the sartorial Atelier Raptus&Rose. The Cuisine becomes lighter and more nature-oriented, experimenting with many cooking techniques aimed at maintaining the essence of each dish. 
On this occasion, the Rose Room by Raptus & Rose has come to light, an oriental-inspired corner where to sip a selection of exclusive cocktails and taste small dishes with a floral aesthetic.

2020 Chef Luca Veritti's path to excellence at the Met Restaurant ends, waiting to find out what the future holds.